Like everybody, I’ve had ups and I’ve had downs. I have a wonderful family, amazing friends and I’ve loved my career inspiring others to connect with nature. In the last year I’ve had three breakages – I had slipped discs in my back, fell downstairs and broke my foot, then my car broke. It was time to press the reset button and shake my life up. So here I am in Vietnam, managing a small eco-hotel – Nguyen Shack in the Mekong Delta. Prepare for experiences of sensory overloads, culinary delights, people and wildlife encounters and hopefully some inspirational moments.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Alexia, how exciting. I look forward to reading about all your adventures. Steve’s nephew has been living in Vietnam teaching English for a while now and has fallen in love with the place, the people and everything. It will certainly be an experience.
    Lots of love,
    Malisa & Steve x


  2. Hi Malisa and Steve,
    Thanks so much for your message! Still trying to de-jetlag and get acclimatised – going from 13C in the UK to over 40C here is something to write home about! Its very beautiful here in the north, I’m at the other hotel about two hours from Hanoi to explore around here and learn from this team. The people are lovely – staff and guests alike. Looking forward to getting to the Mekong and getting stuck in. Will post an update soon. Lots of love back, Alexia x


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